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    Economics, Engineering, History, Law, Management Science, Science, etc…

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    Analytical Chemistry ,Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ,Biological Engineering

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Yunnan University General Information

Yunnan University, located in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, is a national key university and a world-class university built by the Ministry of Education and Yunnan Province. In the new historical period, Yunnan University will focus on the goal of building a world-class university, actively integrate into the national strategy, actively serve the economic and social development of Yunnan, and follow the development concept of "open cooperation, integrated innovation, coordinated progress, and characteristic development". Based on Yunnan, serving the country, radiating both Asia and the world, the school is guided by "first-class party building", focused on connotation construction, and driven by institutional reforms, vigorously implements the strategy of "prospering the school by academics" and "strengthening talents" “School” strategy, focusing on promoting the “Yunnan University’s Service to Yunnan Action Plan” to comprehensively enhance the school’s strength and level of running a school, and contribute to regional economic and social development.

Yunnan University Education

Yunnan University has 26 colleges, 10 research institutions, 2 independent colleges, 1 affiliated hospital, and 79 undergraduate majors in the graduate school; there are 3,023 faculty members, 10 academicians, 16,816 full-time undergraduate students, and masters. There are 8,159 postgraduates and 1,215 doctoral students. Yunnan University has 79 undergraduate majors, 17 undergraduate majors are selected for the national "Double Ten Thousand" program, 13 majors are selected for the provincial "Double Ten Thousand" program, there are 12 national characteristic majors, 6 majors "Elite Class", and 10 majors "Excellence Class", 3 "National Quality Online Open Courses"; 21 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization, 42 first-level discipline master degree authorization, 22 professional master's degree authorization. In the fourth round of subject evaluation by the Ministry of Education, the school has 30 subjects ranked in the top 70% of the country, including 2 A-type subjects (A+ for ethnology and A- for ecology) and 14 B-type subjects. Chemistry, botany and zoology are among the top 1% of the global ESI. The school has formed a comprehensive university with ethnology, ecology, biology, characteristic resource development and environmental protection, as well as border issues and Southeast Asia and South Asia international issues research as its advantages. The disciplines are relatively complete and the talents are intensive.

Yunnan University Scholarship

At present, Yunnan University provides different kinds of scholarships for outstanding international students studying in China, such as Chinese Government Scholarship, International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship, Yunnan Provincial Government International Student Scholarship, Yunnan University International Student Scholarship. 

Yunnan University Cooperation and Exchange

Based on geographical advantages, the school continuously strengthens international cooperation and exchanges. In the more than 30 years of foreign teaching, foreign students have steadily developed in scale, and steadily improved in their level and quality. Graduates have been in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and they have accumulated rich international Chinese teaching experience. The college will be committed to improving the quality of international student training, and actively build a more professional Chinese education brand for international students with a more professional teaching team and a better management system.