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Xi`an University of Science and Technology is located in the ancient capital city of Xi'an, a famous historical city in the world. One of the key construction institutions of Level University.

The school has two campuses, Yanta and Lintong, covering an area of 1.2152 million square meters. It has a graduate school, 19 colleges (departments), and 56 undergraduate majors; there are 6 post-doctoral research mobile stations, 7 first-level doctoral programs, 40 second-level discipline doctoral programs, 25 first-level discipline master programs, 107 second-level discipline master programs, 3 master's degree authorization programs, 18 engineering master's training fields. In 2017, in the fourth round of national subject-level assessment, the school's safety science and engineering subject entered the A category, becoming the only A-category engineering subject among Shaanxi provincial universities; in August 2018, the school was selected as the "domestic first-class university construction in Shaanxi Province" Colleges and Universities, safety science and engineering were selected as the construction subjects of "domestic first-class university construction colleges and universities". In July 2020, the school's engineering discipline entered the top 1% of ESI's global ranking.

The school has successively cooperated with nearly 60 universities in more than 20 countries and regions and has recruited 280 international students from 29 countries for doctoral, master and undergraduate degrees. Xi'an University of Science and Technology provides 4 kinds of scholarship: Freshman Scholarship, Inspirational Scholarship, Outstanding Performance Scholarship, and HSK Excellence Scholarship, which can greatly reduce the financial burden of students.