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Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in 1958. It has been shortlisted in the list of universities jointly established by the Ministry of Education, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Tianjin Municipal Government. It is the only international college of Chinese Traditional Medicine approved by the former State Education Commission. The chairman unit of the Education Steering Committee of the Federation of Medical Societies. It is the "Education Foreign Aid Base" of the Ministry of Education, the "China-ASEAN Education and Training Center" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, the "International Cooperation Base of Traditional Chinese Medicine" of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the "Belt and Road" Chinese Medicine Education Teacher Training Base of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine (Tianjin). Adhering to the school motto of "Promoting Morality, Inheriting Innovation", after years of development, the school has become a teaching and research university of Chinese medicine with traditional Chinese medicine as the main body and coordinated development of medicine, science, literature, management, engineering, and education. In 2017, the school was selected as a national "double first-class" construction university list, and the discipline of Chinese medicine was selected as a national "double first-class" construction discipline. 

The university has excellent teachers, sufficient internship resources, and reasonable professional settings. There are two national key disciplines of acupuncture and massage and Chinese medicine internal medicine. There are 3 directly affiliated hospitals and more than 10 clinical hospitals. Among them, the first affiliated hospital is the national clinical research base of traditional Chinese medicine, the national acupuncture clinical research center, the national acupuncture clinical base and the national provincial model hospital of traditional Chinese medicine; the second affiliated hospital is the diagnosis and treatment center of intractable traditional Chinese medicine. Significant advantages; the affiliated Baokang Hospital and other teaching hospitals have their own diagnosis and treatment characteristics in Chinese medicine rehabilitation, Chinese medicine orthopedics, Chinese medicine community medical treatment, and Chinese and Western medicine clinics. 

The university conducts extensive international exchanges and cooperation, and focuses on cultivating international applied clinical talents with solid theoretical knowledge and strong clinical operation capabilities. They enjoy a high international reputation and have now developed into undergraduate education as the main body, covering high-level masters, doctors, etc. An international talent training system for traditional medicine through education and short-term and long-term training. Every year, nearly 2,000 international students from more than 60 countries and regions come to the school to study.