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Shanghai University is on the list of "Project 21" for higher education, a strategic program of the Chinese government which aims at turning its 100 frontline universities into the academically advanced institutions that will be internationally prestigious in the new century.

Shanghai University

The School committed itself to cultivating qualified personnel of foreign languages who master inter-disciplinary knowledge and practical skills. In 2005, Shanghai University was bestowed by Shanghai Education Commission a key project for developing its English undergraduate program. English specialty was rated Class A in the National Evaluation for English Undergraduate Program in the following year. The school was awarded the honorable title of "The National Model of College English Teaching Reform" in 2007.

Shanghai University

Shanghai University has a teaching staff of 130, among whom about 30% are associate professors or full professors, and 45 teachers hold doctorate. Over 90% of our teachers have studied or conducted academic work in foreign universities.

Shanghai University provides various departments, each of which holds an English undergraduate program. Based on the master program of the first-level discipline in Foreign Language and Literature, the school provides three master programs of the second-level disciplines, which cover foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, English language and literature, and Japanese language and literature. In addition, we were authorized to launch the MIT program (Master of Interpreters and Translators) in 2010. Our teachers offer courses in English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Spanish.

Shanghai University

SHANGHAI university based in Shanghai city-- one of the world's most vibrant cities, a place with so much life and diversity, making a student's stay truly memorable, Shanghai has become a gastronmic center of all the major cuisine of China, the downtown area also has a plethora of glitzy foreign restaurants to suit the palate of international students.

Shanghai University

SHU welcome students from all over the world, for the accommodation, you can choose our On-campus Accommodation or off-campus Accommodation, variety of rooms including single room, double room and suite to satisfy individual needs, Equipped with AC, private bathroom, internet, laundry.

Shanghai University welcome all intelligent students from all over the world, Until now, we have up to 2899 international students from Russia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia. Shanghai University offers different scholarships to international students, such as the Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship and Shanghai Government Scholarship,due to their achievements and performance in academic research and extra-curricular activities.

Shanghai University

Shanghai University is the wonderful compus that famous for all kinds of food, SHU provides several Canteens and cafe which offers varity of food, it contacts School Canteens, Western Restaurant, Muslim canteen, Hongkong style restaurant, 24-hour book cafe, SHU cafe. HongJu square is just 10 minutes walk from SHU, you can shoose between various shops, catering, cinemas, fruit shops, optical shops, karaoke, cafe, Wal Mart, clothing stores and so on. There are also various banks facilitate around. It is convenient for students to purchase all the living items

Shanghai University

SHU is famous for its highlights of Clubs & Societies, now the international students played as an important part in the campus life, To date, there are several officially clubs registered international student Club, Concert band, glee club.

Shanghai University