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General Information of Shanghai Normal University

Shanghai Normal University is a key construction university in Shanghai. It is a comprehensive university that is good at liberal arts and has the characteristics of teacher education.

The university has a complete range of disciplines and fruitful teaching results. There are 11 disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, agriculture, and art. There are 19 colleges, with more than 20,000 full-time undergraduate students, more than 8,000 graduate students, more than 1,100 international students, and more than 6,000 adult and junior college students. The school currently has 89 undergraduate majors; 9 first-level discipline doctoral degree programs, 33 first-level discipline master’s degree programs, and 9 post-doctoral mobile stations. The school currently has 1 national key discipline; 11 Shanghai key disciplines; 11 disciplines have entered the Shanghai Peak Plateau discipline; 4 Ministry of Education institutions of higher learning specialty construction sites; 1 Ministry of Education and Shanghai undergraduate major comprehensive reform pilot program ; 3 reform projects of the Ministry of Education's outstanding teacher training plan; 1 national-level new engineering research and practice project; 8 applied-oriented undergraduate pilot major construction projects in Shanghai universities; 18 Shanghai undergraduate education highland construction projects. 5 subjects entered the top 1% of ESI subjects.

International Exchange and Cooperation of Shanghai Normal University

The university began to recruit foreign students in 1965, and was one of the earliest institutions of higher learning in Shanghai to recruit foreign students. In recent years, there are more than 2,000 long-term and short-term students studying at the university each year, more than 1,500 long-term students and more than 600 short-term students, from 76 countries and regions including Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, France, and Japan. All 86 undergraduate majors, 161 master's programs, 13 professional degree master's programs and 46 doctoral programs of the university are open to international students to apply for the examination. ), Finance (English-taught, Master), Pedagogy, Music Performance, Art Design, Tourism Management, Curriculum and Teaching Theory (Master, Doctor), Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Master, Doctor), etc. The school provides various scholarships including Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, Shanghai Government Scholarship, and Shanghai Preparatory Student Scholarship.

Welcome international students from all over the world to Shanghai Normal University!

The university attaches great importance to international education and extensive exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries. It is listed as a Chinese government scholarship institution for students studying in China, and it is the preparatory base for foreign students in Shanghai. The university has established exchanges and cooperation with nearly 400 universities and organizations in more than 40 countries and regions on six continents. It has cooperated with 7 universities in six countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, and France to organize 10 Sino-foreign cooperative education projects. There are two Confucius Institutes at Fukuyama University in Japan and the University of Botswana in Africa.

Scholarship in Shanghai Normal University

There are

1)Chinese Government Scholarship

2)SHNU International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship (Confucius Institute Scholarship)

3)Shanghai Government Scholarships for International Students

4)Scholarship for Pre-college Applicant