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Founded in 1954, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the earliest higher institutions of Chinese medicine in China. It is a national "double first-class" world-class discipline construction university jointly established by the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province. The school is located in Nanjing. At present, there are more than 20,000 students of all kinds and 33 undergraduate majors, involving 6 disciplines of medicine, management, science, engineering, economics and literature, forming a school-running pattern with traditional Chinese medicine as the main body, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, and multidisciplinary support and coordinated development.

The school has 3 national key disciplines, 10 key disciplines of Jiangsu Province, and 33 key disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, the three main disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine all entered category A. The two disciplines of clinical medicine, pharmacology and toxicology have entered the top 1% of the ESI global rankings, and the 2019 ESI ranking of universities in mainland China ranks 128th.

The school is the World Health Organization (WHO) Traditional Medical Cooperation Center and the International Acupuncture Training Center. It is one of the first higher TCM institutions approved by the Ministry of Education to receive and train foreign students and students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. It has trained more than 30,000 international students on five continents. The school has extensive exchanges and cooperation with higher education institutions or academic groups and institutions in more than 90 countries and regions, and has successively established 8 overseas Chinese medicine centers in Oceania, Europe, and the Americas.The school also provides Chinese government scholarship for oversea students.