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Nanchang University is a world-class discipline construction university under the national "Double First-class" Plan, a university jointly built by the Ministry of Education and Jiangxi Province, a key construction university under the national "211 Project", and the overall construction of high-level universities in Jiangxi Province.

The school now has 131 undergraduate majors in 12 disciplines, 3 national key (cultivation) disciplines, 15 doctoral degree authorization, 47 master's degree authorization, 1 doctoral degree authorization, 28 master's degree authorization, and 11 post-doctoral research mobile stations.The school's chemistry, clinical medicine, agricultural science (food science and engineering), engineering, material science, pharmacology and toxicology, biology and biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics in ESI top 1% of the world, including agricultural science (food science and engineering) ranked in the top 1.15 ‰, clinical medicine in the ESI world top 2.56 ‰, chemistry into the ESI world top 3.29 ‰.In the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, food science and engineering discipline evaluation level ranked third in China with A,.

The school attaches great importance to international education and has established exchanges and cooperation relations with more than 170 universities and research institutions in more than 40 countries (regions) and research institutions.The school also offers a variety of scholarships, including Chinese government scholarships, to reduce the financial burden of international students.