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Kunming University of Science and Technology general information

Kunming University of Science and Technology, located in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, is a comprehensive key university in Yunnan Province. The school has three campuses, Chenggong, Lianhua, and Xinying, covering an area of more than 3,915 acres; it has a graduate school, 1 department, 26 colleges, 1 teaching department, 7 research institutes, and 13 clinical teaching bases.

Kunming University of Science and Technology education

After more than 60 years of development, the school has now become a comprehensive university with a focus on work, a combination of science and engineering, distinctive industry and regional characteristics, and coordinated development of multiple disciplines. It is the largest university in Yunnan Province with a complete range of educational levels and categories. It plays an important role in China's non-ferrous metal industry and regional economic and social development. A large number of scientific and technological innovation talents and important scientific and technological achievements that are well-known throughout the country and the world have emerged.

Kunming University of Science and Technology's engineering, materials science, chemistry, environment/ecology, plant and zoology, and agricultural science have entered the top 1% of ESI in the world. Now it has 1 national key discipline, 1 national key cultivated discipline, 23 provincial key disciplines, 9 key disciplines jointly built by provincial academies and provincial schools, 11 postdoctoral research mobile stations, 8 provincial postdoctoral research mobile stations, There are 18 doctoral degree authorization points (including 1 doctoral degree authorization point), 41 first-level discipline master degree authorization points, and 21 master degree authorization categories; there are 111 undergraduate majors and 34 second bachelor degree majors. There are 37 correspondence stations (points) nationwide, 43 night and correspondence college majors; the province has 16 higher education self-study examination aid centers, 22 undergraduate and junior college self-study examination majors; 1 national-level major Technical personnel continuing education base, 2 provincial training bases.

Kunming University of Science and Technology Scholarship

The scholarships that Kunming University of Science and Technology can apply for include Chinese Government Scholarship, Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship, and Kunming University of Science and Technology Scholarship. The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation and living allowances, which greatly reduces the financial burden of international students.

Kunming University of Science and Technology International Exchange

Kunming University of Science and Technology continues to strengthen international cooperation and exchanges based on disciplines and geographical advantages. At present, the school has signed cooperation agreements with 110 universities and scientific research institutions in 36 countries and regions. It has established a Confucius Institute in cooperation with Laos Suphanu Fong University and a Confucius Classroom with the Danish NEXT Education Group. It is the Yunnan-Thailand University Alliance China’s leading universities have set up three overseas schools in Thailand. Selected as a new base for local colleges and universities in the National "High School Disciplinary Innovation and Intelligence Introducing Program", the school's foreign experts have successively won the National International Science and Technology Cooperation Award and the Chinese Government Friendship Award. In 2020, there will be 1013 international students of various types from our school. In terms of engineering and management personnel training for neighboring countries, international technology transfer, and high-level cooperative research and teacher-student exchanges for developed countries, it has gradually formed its own characteristics and influence.

The International College will make full use of the resources of Kunming University of Science and Technology for foreign cooperation and exchange, actively explore the possibility of multi-level and multi-directional foreign cooperation and exchange, continue to expand more flexible and effective Sino-foreign cooperation and exchange projects, share educational resources of domestic and foreign universities, and strive to The college has become an important window and platform for foreign exchanges and cooperation among colleges and universities in Yunnan Province.