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  • INDEX_152 Public University
  • INDEX_153 211, 985, First-class disciplines
  • INDEX_154 Nanjing
  • INDEX_155

    Engineering, etc…

  • INDEX_156

    Agricultural Water Conservancy Engineering, Civil Engineering, Communication Engineering

  • INDEX_157 51,499
  • INDEX_158 /
  • INDEX_159

    Agricultural Engineering, Business Management, Cartography and Geographic Information System

  • INDEX_160 1500
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Hohai University is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education with more than one hundred years of history, featuring water conservancy, engineering as its main subject, and coordinated development of multidisciplinary. It is one of the first units to have the degree grant right of a doctor, master's, and bachelor's degree, is the national "211 Project" key construction, the "985 Project Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform" construction and the establishment of a graduate school, a national "double first-class" world-class discipline construction university.

There are a total of 40-degree authorization points, covering 9 disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, and management, including 16 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points and 37 first-level disciplines Disciplinary master degree authorization points. 19 authorized points for master's degree categories; 63 undergraduate majors. The two disciplines of water conservancy engineering, environmental science and engineering were shortlisted for the construction of first-class disciplines. Engineering, environment/ecology, computer science, material science, earth science, agricultural science and other disciplines have entered the top 1% of ESI world rankings.

The school has vigorously implemented the international strategy, carried out extensive international cooperation and exchanges, and has trained thousands of talents of various kinds for more than 100 countries and regions. It has established cooperation relations with more than 100 universities, research institutes and large enterprises in more than 30 countries (regions). The school actively integrates into the national "One Belt and One Road" initiative, expands overseas education, serves corporate internationalization strategies, strengthens customized training of talents, and provides scientific and technological support and talent support for countries along the "Belt and Road" and overseas engineering companies in my country. The school also provides a variety of scholarships, including Chinese government scholarships, to alleviate the financial burden of international students.