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  • INDEX_152 Public University
  • INDEX_153 It is a university jointly built by the People's Government of Henan Province and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a special backbone university of Henan Province. It is a university of the National Higher Education Revitalization Plan in the Central and Western China, a university for cultivating Chinese government scholarship students granted by the Ministry of Education, a national international cooperation base for traditional Chinese medicine, and a doctor's degree authorization unit.
  • INDEX_154 Zhengzhou
  • INDEX_155

    Traditional Chinese Pharmacy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Clinical Medicine of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Acupuncture and Massage

  • INDEX_156

    Traditional Chinese medicine

    Clinical medicine of traditional Chinese and western medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedics

    Acupuncture and massage science

    Chinese materia medica

    A pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical preparations

    Traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical engineering

    Biological engineering

    Preventive medicine

    Rehabilitation therapeutics

    Medical imaging technology

    Medical laboratory technology

    Applied psychology

    Public service management


    Computer Science and Technology

    Software engineering


  • INDEX_157 19000
  • INDEX_158 /
  • INDEX_159

    Chinese Language International Education

  • INDEX_160 1000
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