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Harbin University of Science and Technology is located in the ice city, Harbin. It is the largest university of science and technology in Heilongjiang Province. It was founded in 1950. The school has now become a teaching and research university with strong school-running strength and distinctive characteristics, with coordinated development of disciplines such as economics, management, philosophy, literature, law, education, and art, with a focus on engineering, a combination of science and engineering.

In 2018, Harbin University of Science and Technology was selected as a domestic "double first-class" construction university in Heilongjiang Province, and the "engineering" discipline entered the ESI global top 1% discipline ranking for the first time; in 2020, it was selected as the first batch of ideological and political construction model universities in Heilongjiang Province. The subject of "Materials Science" entered the ESI global top 1% subject ranking; in 2021, the "Chemistry" subject entered the ESI global top 1% subject ranking.

The school has 12 colleges and 1 teaching department. There are 65 undergraduate majors, of which 20 majors have been approved as national-level first-class undergraduate majors, 11 majors have been approved as provincial-level first-rate undergraduate majors, and 13 majors have passed engineering education certification.

The school adheres to the school-running policy of combining connotative construction and extensional development, and continuously broadens the channels for international exchanges and cooperation. Now it has established cooperation with more than 70 high-level universities and scientific research institutions in more than 20 countries in Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region. Established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.

In order to reduce the burden of international students, the school also provides Chinese government scholarships and Heilongjiang provincial government scholarships to choose from.