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  • INDEX_152 Public University
  • INDEX_153 Key University of Hunan Province
  • INDEX_154 Changsha
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    The top 1% of ESI disciplines: Engineering [12], Materials Science [13] Hunan Province Key Disciplines with Advantages and Characteristics (2): Transportation Engineering, Civil Engineering Hunan Province

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    National specialties(9): civil engineering, transportation engineering, electrical engineering and automation, accounting, energy and power engineering, port waterway and coastal engineering, computer science and technology, finance, transportation and provincial specialty ( 24): Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Transportation (Automotive Services), Accounting, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Finance, Port Channel and Coast Engineering, Thermal Energy and Power Engineerin...

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    Undergraduate: English Translation Civil Engineering Computer Science and Technology Master: Foreign Language and Literature English Translation Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering PhD: None

  • INDEX_160 1000
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