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  • INDEX_152 Public University
  • INDEX_153 jointly funded by provinces and ministries
  • INDEX_154 Beijing
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    Art, Cinematology, Radio and Television Arts, Film Production, Performance, Management, Animation, and Fine Arts

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    Drama film and television literature, drama film and television director, film and television photography and production, performance, recording art, art and technology, drama film and television art design, new media art, environmental design, product design, cross-media design, cinematology, photography, animation, cartoon, film, and television technology, radio and television director, digital media art

  • INDEX_157 3000
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    Film and television photography and production

  • INDEX_160 1500
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Beijing Film Academy is an advanced art academy with a heritage of film history and a deep accumulation of film culture. Over the past 70 years since the establishment of the school, famous teachers have gathered and inherited schools, and have created many classic works in the history of Chinese film. They have led the development of Chinese film education in terms of discipline construction, teaching creation, teacher training, and talent selection.

Beijing Film Academy education

The school now has the Department of Literature, Director, Photography, Film, Film and Television Technology, Performance, Sound, Fine Arts, Animation, Management, Photography, Digital Media, Audiovisual Media, and International Exchange, Higher Vocational Colleges, Continuing Education Colleges, China Film Culture Research Institute and other 16 departments and graduate schools, the Humanities Department and the Ideological and Political Department, covering every industry of film creation, including all the links of film creation, is the only An institution that independently creates feature films and animated feature films. The Youth Film Studio is not only the organization and guidance unit of students' film creation practice, but also the production unit of teachers' artistic innovation practice, producing a large number of excellent films and student graduation works.

Beijing Film Academy International Exchange

Focusing on the development goal of building a “world-class film academy with Chinese characteristics”, Beijing Film Academy is actively advancing its internationalization strategy on the basis of rooting in China, absorbing the essence of culture, focusing on artistic practice, reflecting the feelings of the family and the country, and running a film academy with Chinese characteristics. Focus on the frontiers of world film education, learn from advanced educational concepts, continue to expand international exchanges and cooperation, improve the level of international schooling, and steadily promote the construction of world-class film academies. The authoritative American film magazine "Hollywood Report" ranked Beijing Film Academy as the third professional film school in the world in 2011 and 2012. In 2018, the QS World University Rankings recognized our school as the world's top film school and ranked first in Asia. In the same year, the American "Variety" magazine entertainment-education report also listed Beijing Film Academy as one of the world's top film schools.

Practice has proved that in a series of international activities, the teachers and students of the school have connected with international A-list filmmakers, reviewed a large number of global excellent films, learned the concept of international cutting-edge film creation, mastered the latest achievements and valuable experience of the industry, and continuously broadened their international vision; through planning Organizing film festivals, forums, salons, and other activities, students have exercised their practical ability and achieved the teaching purpose of applying what they have learned. These film and television cultural activities help teachers and students to enhance their cultural self-confidence, appreciate and learn from the splendid and colorful world civilization with a more tolerant and broad mind.