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  • INDEX_152 Public University
  • INDEX_153 Jointly funded by provinces and ministries
  • INDEX_154 Jilin
  • INDEX_155

    Marxist theory, history, electrical engineering, forestry, clinical medicine, business administration, landscape architecture, forestry, world history

  • INDEX_156

    International economy and trade, marketing, accounting, tourism management, administration, business management, logistics management, ideological and political education, law, sociology, history, physical education (normal), sports training, school education, psychology, preschool education, education technology, digital media technology, the faculty of arts, international broadcasting and hosting art, Chinese language and literature, Chinese education, music, music performance, dance, painting, fine arts, environmental design, product design, visual communication design, sculpture, Japanese, English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, mathematics and applied mathematics, information and computing science, statistics,School of Economic Statistics, Physics, Material Physics, New Energy Materials and Devices, Biological Science, Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Material Forming and Control Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Information Engineering

    Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Testing Technology and Instruments, Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Communication Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Computer Science and Technology

  • INDEX_157 27000
  • INDEX_158 /
  • INDEX_159

    Clinical Medicine, Business Administration

  • INDEX_160 1000
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