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  • INDEX_152 Public University
  • INDEX_153 Co-established by the People's Government of Anhui Province and the Ministry of Education of China, it is a key comprehensive university under the priority of Anhui Province. It is the first comprehensive university in the history of higher education in Anhui Province
  • INDEX_154 Wuhu
  • INDEX_155

    China ancient times literature, Chinese language philology, education principle, human geography, physical geography, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, ecology, marxist philosophy, the history of the communist party of China education, curriculum and teaching theory, sports training, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, music, special history, applied mathematics, biochemistry and molecular biology

  • INDEX_156

    Chinese Language and Literature, Secretarial Studies, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, History, Public Service Management, Sociology, Social Work, Pedagogy, Psychology, Educational Technology (Educational Information Technology),Pre-school education, primary education, applied psychology, economics, financial management, human resources management, marketing, accounting, logistics management, investment, law, administration management, ideological and political education, political science and public administration, English, Japanese, Russian, French, journalism, advertising, advertising (art), the cultural industry management, broadcasting and hosting art,, flight attendants and etiquette, photography, animation, music, music performance, composition and technology of composition theory, dance, fine arts, painting, art design, mathematics and applied mathematics (normal), statistics, computer science and technology, software engineering, networkingCheng, chemistry, applied chemistry, material chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, geography, tourism management, land resource management, geographic information science, urban planning, physical education, sports training, social sports, sports performance), biological sciences, biotechnology, ecology, horticulture, applied biological science, environmental science, environmental engineering, food quality and safety, food science and engineering

  • INDEX_157 47900
  • INDEX_158 /
  • INDEX_159

    Law, English Language and Literature, World History, Applied Statistics, Physics, Biophysics, Optical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Tourism Management, Theoretical Economics, Business Administration, Translation, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering

  • INDEX_160 1000
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